About us

Our breeding program was initiated in 2005 and we are registered in the Feline Club NO PROBLEM in Felis Polonia under FIFe.

Our beautiful British shorthairs are colourpoint and silver. We also soon hope to have cats with a chinchilla colour.

All our efforts go into making sure that our cats live up to the standards set for their race, not only breeding them as in a cat farm, but also giving them the love and care that they deserve.

Our goal as a cat breeder is to also advertise British shorthairs with such atypical colouration.

In order for our cats to live comfortably, we have left the capital of Poland, Warsaw, behind and moved to a country house with wide open green pastures and an excellent view of a lolling river. We love nature and the cats love the possibility of fresh country air.

The health of our cats and kittens is taken care of by the Veterinarian Dominika Borkowska-Bakala (przychodnia Canfelis), the Veterinarian Agnieszka Kańska (przychodnia DoktorAga) , the Veterinarian Małgorzata Szmurło . Thanks to her, our kittens and cats live, breed and grow.

Mazuria*PL - Katarzyna Stablewska
Dobra Wola near Nasielsk/Warsaw

tel. +48. 608 468 651